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  Section 1






  1. model: top mount

  2. fridge color: sliver

  3. date of purchase: 12 January

  4. the address for nearest service: near the station and shoppingcentre

  5. main problem is the noise of alarm

  6. 她说冰箱坏了,freezer temperature is: 10 degree

  7. 问对方开什么shop: sandwich

  8. 补偿食物food 经济损失: $ 180

  9. ask the manager to call back to handle

  10. another problem is the door



  Section 2






  11-14)Multiple Choice

  11. The host family will

  A. earn a big money

  B. receive no pay

  C. receive stable pay

  12. What is the guest expected to overcome when suffering from cultureshock?

  A. loneliness

  B. difficulty to make friends

  C. language barriers

  13. What can the guests do if they want to become familiar with hostfamilies?

  A. talk about personal interests

  B. clean their rooms

  C. cook together

  14. What is likely to happen to the guests in the long run?

  A. they will enhance cultural understanding

  B. they will gain overseas experience

  C. they will know more people from different countries


  There are some steps, flow chart of how to apply as a guest.

  15. keep in touch with the registration office for vetting.

  16-17) two photos, one for host family, the other one for records whichneed to confirm your identity.

  18. receive acknowledgement within 7 days.

  19. you must have an interview with all staff members.

  20. finally, you will receive a written decision.



  Section 3






  21-25)Multiple choice

  21. allergies linked to vitamin D deficiency because

  C. the evidence only supports what happens in Britain

  22. rising CO2 levels are responsible for

  C. higher amount of pollen

  23. what does the student say about seasonal changes?

  A. there is no clear short-term trend for the arrival of spring

  24. what point is made about the seasonal changed?

  A. it is spreading to more countries

  25. why is tree pollen a worse problem in cities?

  B. there is fewer trees to absorb the pollen


  26. Austria—information only available for birch pollen

  27. France—changes identified to two pollen types only

  28. Switzerland—significant change in start date of birch pollen

  29. The Netherlands—little difference in start dates

  30. UK—a longer season for grass pollen



  Section 4







  31. which group take in the most fat: the age group of fat is theteenagers

  32. family members live together would get similar level of fat in theirdiet

  33. do research concerning: investigated by different race and income,whether born overseas to investigate

  34. Surveys have been conducted in mobile XX. As similarmethods/background

  35. adults live with children drink milk more


  36. reason: parents have little time

  Limitation of this research:

  37. number of children

  38. the research didn’t consider the minority and relationship betweenchildren and adults

  39. influences decrease with the age of children

  40. influence by friends




  Describe an important plant in your country

  You should say:

  What it is

  Where you see it

  What it looks like

  Why it is important








  Well, when it comes to this topic, the first kind of plant that popped intomy mindis the sunflower, they are pretty common so you probably have seen themsomewhere. Also, Vincent van Gogh, the famous artist from Holland has a paintingof them, which is the magnum opus of his. In his painting, you can feel theenergy and passion that sunflowers bring to the people and this beautifulworld.

  I saw sunflowers for the first time when I was little, maybe like 5 yearsold in my grandpa’s small garden, he is a big fan of gardening and has all kindsof flowers in his garden, but sunflowers caught my attention because of theirsize and bright colour. I remember at the end of the day when my parents and Iwere leaving, I cried so badly because I wanted to take the flowers back homewith me.

  Sunflowers are very important in China because firstly, Chinese people liketheir spirit of always looking up to the sun, in our culture, we think they arelike people with dream, passion and belief, and we think highly of those people.Secondly, Chinese love to eat sunflower seeds while watching TV, it’s basicallylike you guys eat pizza while watching game of thrones.

  Sunflowers are my favourite plants, I hope that in the future, I can havemy own small garden so that I can keep some by myself, it would be verybeautiful I bet.


  Passage 1


  文章题目:Topography Introduction of printed books(印刷书籍的发展史)










  6.sheet of paper



  9.in right sequence




  13.book industry

  可参考真题:C12T8P1:The history of glass

  Passage 2



  Section 3






  可参考真题:C6T1P3:Climate change and the Inuit

  Passage 3




  文章内容:文章分别详细介绍了四种员工驱动力(the drive to acquire, the drive to bond, the drive tocomprehend, the drive to defend),以及这四种驱动力对员工在工作中不同方面的影响。



  27. C

  28. A

  29. D

  30. B

  31. C

  32. A

  33. E

  34. F

  35. NO


  37. NO

  38. YES

  39. NO


  可参考真题:C6T3P2:Motivating Employees under Adverse Conditions


  Motivating Drives

  Scientists have been researching the way to get employees motivated formany years. This research in a relational study which builds the fundamental andcomprehensive model for study. This is especially true when the business goal isto turn unmotivated teams into productive ones. But their researchers havelimitations. It is like studying the movements of car without taking out theengine.

  Motivation is what drives people to succeed and plays a vital role inenhancing an organizational development. It is important to study the motivationof employees because it is related to the emotion and behavior of employees.Recent studies show there are four drives for motivation. They are the drive toacquire, the drive to bond, the drive to comprehend and the drive to defend.

  The Drive to Acquire

  The drive to acquire must be met to optimize the acquire aspect as well asthe achievement element. Thus the way that outstanding performance isrecognized, the type of perks that is provided to polish the career path. Butsometimes a written letter of appreciation generates more motivation than athousand dollar check, which can serve as the invisible power to boost businessengagement. Successful organizations and leaders not only need to focus on theoptimization of physical reward but also on moving other levers within theorganization that can drive motivation.

  The Drive to Bond

  The drive to bond is also key to driving motivation. There are many kindsof bonds between people, like friendship, family. In company, employees alsowant to be an essential part of company. They want to belong to the company.Employees will be motivated if they find personal belonging to the company. Inthe meantime, the most commitment will be achieved by the employee on conditionthat the force of motivation within the employee affects the direction,intensity and persistence of decision and behavior in company.

  The Drive to Comprehend

  The drive to comprehend motivates many employees to higher performance. Foryears, it has been known that setting stretch goals can greatly impactperformance. Organizations need to ensure that the various job roles provideemployees with simulation that challenges them or allow them to grow. Employeesdon’t want to do meaningless things or monotonous job. If the job didn’t providethem with personal meaning and fulfillment, they will leave the company.

  The Drive to Defend

  The drive to defend is often the hardest lever to pull. This drivemanifests itself as a quest to create and promote justice, fairness, and theability to express ourselves freely. The organizational lever for this basichuman motivator is resource allocation. This drive is also met through anemployee feeling connection to a company. If their companies are merged withanother, they will show worries.

  Two studies have been done to find the relations between the four drivesand motivation.The article based on two studies was finally published in HarvardBusiness Review. Most authors’ arguments have laid emphasis on four-drive theoryand actual investigations. Using the results of the surveys which executed withemployees from Fortune 500 companies and other two global businesses (P companyand H company), the article mentions about how independent drives influenceemployees’ behavior and how organizational levers boost employee motivation.

  The studies show that the drive to bond is most related to fulfillingcommitment, while the drive to comprehend is most related to how much effortemployees spend on works. The drive to acquire can be satisfied by a rewardingsystem which ties rewards to performances, and gives the best peopleopportunities for advancement. For drive to defend, a study on the merging of Pcompany and H company shows that employees in former company show an unusualcooperating attitude.

  The key to successfully motivate employees is to meet all drives. Each ofthese drives is important if we are to understand employee motivation. Thesefour drives, while not necessarily the only human drives, are the ones that arecentral to unified understanding of modern human life.


  TASK 1

  题目:The maps show the proposed change of a particular fields in order to reduce the traffic accidents in the UK.



  1. 时态:描述图一使用一般现在时,描述图二选择将来时(future plan);

  2. 注意分段:introduction, (frequent accidents), 描述图一,描述图二,

  3. 在描述图一时要注意方位词的使用,以及方位顺序,可以按照由北到南,由东到西的顺序;

  4. 对于每一个细节都要照顾到,不能忽略几条道路的描述,residence以及常发生意外的地点;

  5. 描述图二时,要注意Low Lane不再和Forrest Road相交;

  6. 描述两条道路相交可以使用的词为intersect / conjunct with.

  注意使用there be句型。


  The two maps illustrate what construction will be carried out in an England residential area for the purpose of reducing possibility of traffic accidents.

  As shown in the first map, the frequent accidents usually take place in three spots: the first one is on the west of the City Road, just in front of the school. The second one is at the spot where Forrest Road intersects with the City Road. And the third one is at a small pathway, in conjunction with the east side of City Road.

  At present, from the north to the south is the main road Forrest Road, it is in conjunction with the City Road which extends from the west to the east. The west side of the City Road leads to the school, and it is located in the north-west of the residential area. The Low Lane directs to the living district, which sits in the west to the Forrest Road. The lane is in conjunction with both the City Road and the Forrest road. The supermarket is situated to the east of the Forrest Road, residents can get groceries there by driving along the City Road.

  In the future, it is noticeable that a roundabout will be built in the centre of the Forrest Road, which might reduce the speed of the vehicles. Another noticeable change is that the south side of the Low Lane will no longer be connected to the Forrest Road. For those residents living in this district wishing to go to the main road, the only way will be driving back to the City Road and passing the roundabout.

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  TASK 2

  More and more people are reading news online, but newspapers are still the main source of news for most people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




  TA/TR(key words):









  The newspaper is an important source of people’s daily news consumption, even though other media may get the upper hand nowadays such as the multimedia. It is predicted that the printing days are over due to strong competition from television, radio and the Internet. In terms of popularity, newspaper is statistically down but is not emotionally out.

  Statistically, it can be said that the print news fans are dwindling, which means newspaper readership is getting squeezed by other ways of learning about news. According to research reports on the news industry, local television is the number one source of news for the majority of people, with digital news coming in second, followed by the radio, and then by the newspaper. One possible explanation why the newspaper is being left far behind is that many people do not see the point in buying a print newspaper if they believe they can get all the news they need elsewhere for free.

  Nevertheless, for emotional reasons print newspapers will continue to exist for a good while. To begin with, the feeling of a warm newspaper right off the press is one of traditional readers’ favorite moments to begin a regular day. Unlike other ways of delivering news, a print newspaper can be physically held in a reader’s hands, and this is a huge pro for print editions. In addition, newspapers can provide opportunities for longer, more in-depth feature articles that tend to be read in full. Instead of becoming a thing of the past, print newspapers are still widely read and preferred by many audiences.

  In conclusion, the golden days of print news are gone forever, but nothing is like the feeling of physically holding a newspaper in hands. After all, the different ways of learning about news are not mutually exclusive. Each news media outlet is effective in its own way.